Do you love the woods? Do you wish to learn the trees as the forester knows them? And the stars not as an astronomer, but as a traveler?

Do you wish to have all-round, well-developed muscles, not those of a great athlete, but those of a sound body that will not fail you? Would you like to be an expert camper who can always make himself comfortable out of doors, and a swimmer that fears no waters? Do you desire the knowledge to help the wounded quickly, and to make yourself cool and self-reliant in an emergency?

Do you believe in loyalty, courage, and kindness? Would you like to form habits that will surely make your success in life? Then ... your place is in our ranks, for these are the thoughts in scouting.

Ernest Thomas Seton, from "A Message from the Chief Scout" in Boy Scouts of America: Handbook for Boys (1911 edition)

Make an Indiana Jones Satchel / Messenger Bag from an Army Gas-Mask Bag

When I was in South America a few decades ago, I noticed how the men there had no problem using a satchel and it made me a little jealous. I think I grew up with too much echoing around in my head. These days, I’m glad to see that satchels and messenger bags have found their way to American streets because, let’s be honest, it’s nice to have a book or a tablet along sometimes, not to mention all of our other EDC items.

When I sat down to decide what kind of satchel I’d like to carry, my mind shot straight to the bag that defined a rugged man’s satchel, that iconic canvas military bag with a sturdy leather strap, the bag that caught everyone’s eye when it showed up on the big screen back in 1981: the Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark bag:

Indiana Jones Satchel/Messenger Bag

You wanted one too the minute you saw it. And the whip. But let’s stick to the bag for now. In this article, I show how I made my leather-strapped satchel from a vintage military gas mask bag. I also include instructions for making a cotton-strapped bag for those who want to keep the bag as authentic as possible.

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Paracord Info: Everything You Wanted to Know about Paracord

Paracord is popping up everywhere. Once an obscure favorite of the ex-military and survival communities, now 550 cord has even found its way to craft store shelves — a sure sign that it has penetrated every stratum of society. And with popularity comes the buzz: “My brother knows a guy who used 550 cord to lift an engine!” or “I heard that black ops soldiers use this stuff to rappel out of helicopters!”

What are the facts? What’s fiction? And most of all, what are the practical ins and outs of paracord? In this article, we explore the most common questions and misconceptions about the most popular rope on the block — paracord.

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Review: Bahco Laplander – The Ultimate Folding Saw for Backpacking?

You can’t miss the Bahco Laplander reviews. They’re spread all over the bushcraft forums. That’s what I found a couple of years ago when I decided it was time to get a folding saw. So I dove into the reviews, read nothing but the highest praise imaginable for the Laplander, saw little to no mention about any other saw, and came to the logical conclusion that the Bahco would be the perfect saw for my upcoming hike. I grabbed one off of Amazon, and two days later put it to a 2×4. Here’s what I found …

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An Ultralight Backpacking Bellows

Not too long ago, I ran across an ad for a collapsible pocket bellows. “Huh. That’s interesting.” You see, some of my scouts have a gift for turning a decent fire lay into a smoking disaster. So from time to time, I find myself sticking my face in the fire trying to blow the flames back to life. In other words, a bellows could come in handy. I wasn’t thrilled by the cost, but it gave me an idea for a much lighter and cheaper version. An hour later, I had my own bellows, and it’s a winner. Here’s how to make it.

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Two Decades of Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day and I’m the first one up. I’m sitting here reflecting on years gone by, and it’s dawning on me that Father’s Day has slowly and subtly changed for me over the years. So if you don’t mind walking with me down memory lane for a few minutes …

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How to Use a Nite Ize Figure 9 Rope Tightener & Figure 9 Carabiner

I love knots. I practice knots just for fun. Sitting around a campfire or conversation circle, some folks will whittle. Others will knit. I tie knots. Which is why I’m surprised that I love Nite Ize Figure 9s as much as I do. I guess I have to admit that, in the situations they’re designed for, Figure 9s can not only replace knots, they’re vastly simpler. Here’s how to use them.

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A Rope Kit for Backpacking

You could say that rope or 550 paracord is the backbone of a campsite. It goes into everything from tents and shelters to cooking tripods and furniture. One of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time is a “rope kit” — an organized collection of pre-cut ropes. Here’s how to put one together.

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In Praise of Wood Hiking Sticks

The wooden staff has been keeping travelers company ever since that first person got an itch to wander. Largely replaced by trekking poles today, there is still a place for a sturdy, wood hiking stick.

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Mora Model 511/546: The Perfect Knife for Boy Scouts

Mora knives have earned a reputation as cheap but outstanding blades. Two of them, Mora models 511 and 546, make the perfect knife for teaching boy scouts and young outdoorsmen good knife skills. Pick up a 511/546 and you’ll discover a sturdy, safe knife that fits younger hands well. It fits a scout budget even better.

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Mora Knife Models Explained and Compared

So you want to buy a Mora knife. The problem is, you visited a web store and found dozens of models. To make matters worse, it was hard to see any difference at all between them. In this article, we explain the differences between the most popular Mora knives.

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